News from Café Gallagher!
Important Dates and Reminders:
March 4-8
Monday = C Tuesday = D Wednesday =A Thursday =B Friday = C

  • March 14 – Math Game Night 6:30
  • March 20-21 parent teacher conferences – Sign up Genius will be sent out on Monday, March 4th
  • Bagel sale EVERY FRIDAY! $1
  • Poetry notebooks due back on MONDAY!
  • Check your child’s LION folder every day

This week in Reading Workshop:
  • We are beginning a new unit on Genres.
  • We will be exploring different genres of text
    • Poetry
    • Realistic fiction
    • Historical fiction
    • Science fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Fairy Tales
  • We will do a “mind shift”…we are now focusing on “reading TO LEARN” as opposed to “learning TO READ”
  • Reading partners and accountable talk are a HUGE part of this unit. We will focus on what that looks like and sounds like
  • We will consistently continue to work on comprehension and digger deeper to expand our thinking about texts

This week in Writing Workshop:
  • We will begin our new unit: Authors as Mentors
  • We will be focusing on several different authors and how we can use their writing to help us become better writers.
  • We will focus a lot of editing and revising
  • We will review the importance of our writing partners.
  • We are setting writing goals for this unit so that each student has an independent focus
Word Study
  • Words Their Way – sorts
  • Compound Words
  • Syllables
We will continue Unit 6. Unit 6 will cover:
  • Equivalent names for numbers
  • Fact families and fact triangles
  • Measuring: centimeters
  • Quarters and counting coins
  • Data and graphs
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Consistent review and practice of previous concepts: telling time, base ten blocks, what’s my rule, frames and arrows, greater than, less than and equal to

Dear Families,
I hope that everyone had a wonderful winter break and that you were able to enjoy time with family and friends.
I wanted to reiterate the importance of reading every night with your child. Some students are coming to school and telling me they have not read their books. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read EVERY NIGHT. Please be sure to fill in the reading log as well.
I have always said that I am NOT the homework police, but it has come to my attention that many of my first grade friends are not turning in their homework. I typically do not keep track…I just check through to make sure there aren’t any misconceptions or misunderstandings. However, I will begin checking in homework every day and keeping track. In 1st grade I believe that homework is a tool that provides reinforcement and extra practice on skills we have learned at school. I also believe it is a tool that helps prepare students for the increase in homework and responsibility that happens in 2nd grade and up.
On Monday, you will receive the information necessary to sign up for our STUDENT LED- Parent teacher conferences. The district is using Sign up Genius as a tool for signing up. Please watch for more information to come regarding conferences. J
Thank you as always for your support! J